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Dr. Godfrey Meadows

Ph.D., M.D., D.D., D.PsyE., DFA, LL.D, P.Phy, DSM

The rise of the cyberpunk

I just bought: ‘Self-Producing Systems: Implications and Applications of Autopoiesis (Contemporary… via @amazon http://t.co/a05PQ5W3

RT @KurzweilAINews: Hijack your own dreams to improve your skills: (Requires registration) People can use lucid dreaming (ability to… …

RT @GreatDismal: So old that I remember when the Starbucks mermaid’s tits had nipples. #noreally

CERN’s still got 5 inverse femtobarns worth of data (roughly 5 x 70 x 10^12 of ind. collisions) to examine before it can be sure #Higgsboson

RT @nicwegener: Does anyone have a job interview costume?

RT @OwniEU: Bent Objects are back! Everyday objects brought to life with a little wire and a lot of imagination http://t.co/12W1zOwy #ar …

RT @nicwegener: What’s the least creepy way to track down the girl you sat next to on the plane on Facebook and let her know she smelled …

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